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    Perspolis dating service

    In conjunction with the plan, experts are currently studying Naqsh-e Rajab, Naqsh-e Rustam, Mount Rahmat, the Sassanid city of Istakhr, and several other ancient sites near Persepolis.

    According to the latest studies carried out by Iranian archaeologists, Persepolis is much larger than previous surveys have indicated.

    This was the situation despite the various surveys carried out in the last 70 years.

    Our surveys focused more widely on remains from the first millennium BC, although they also recorded any kind of human activity from any period.

    The joint team led by Professor Pierfrancesco Callieri of the University of Bologna and Alireza Asgari of Iran's Parsa and Pasargadae Research Foundation (PPRF) plans to find more information about the architectural structure of the ancient city, PPRF director Mohammad-Hassan Talebian told the Persian service of CHN on Sunday.

    Persepolis was unearthed during excavations conducted by U. PPRF is compiling information on ancient sites adjacent to Persepolis in order to attach the dossier to the Persepolis document registered on the UNESCO's list.The great city of Persepolis was built in terraces up from the river Pulwar to rise on a larger terrace of over 125,000 square feet, partly cut out of the Mountain Kuh-e Rahmet ("the Mountain of Mercy").To create the level terrace, large depressions were filled with soil and heavy rocks which were then fastened together with metal clips; upon this ground the first palace at Persepolis slowly grew.And while Iran often finds itself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, intrepid globetrotters consistently sing the country formerly known as Persia’s praises, calling it a surprisingly welcoming destination with plenty of untouched treasures to discover.The fact Iran doesn’t exactly top the to-do list of mass tourism means those with an open mind will likely enjoy the nation’s riches largely all to themselves.Persepolis is the Greek name (from perses polis for ' Persian City') for the ancient city of Parsa, located seventy miles northeast of Shiraz in present-day Iran.The name Parsa meant ' City of The Persians' and construction began at the site in 518 BCE under the rule of King Darius the Great ( who reigned 522-486 BCE).Administration of the Achaemenian Empire was overseen from Susa, from Babylon or from Ecbatana during the cold seasons and it was most likely for this reason that the Greeks never knew of Parsa until it was sacked and looted by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE (the historian Plutarch claiming that Alexander carried away the treasures of Parsa on the backs of 20,000 mules and 5,000 camels).Though building began under Darius, the glory of Parsa which Alexander found when he invaded was due mainly to the latter works of Xerxes I and Artaxerxes III, both of whose names have been found (besides that of Darius) inscribed on tablets, over doorways and in hallways throughout the ruins of the city.Plus, outdoor enthusiasts have a surfeit of mountains to climb and ski, desert landscapes to explore and scenic valleys to trek.All this, combined with ultra-welcoming locals, a refined and delicious cuisine (succulent grilled kebabs, flavourful stews) and an ancient culture steeped in poetry, music and art, mean that Iran is a destination as rewarding as it is revelatory. The process can be notoriously long and frustrating, so you should apply well in advance of your planned travel dates.The Sassanid city of Estakhr is located on the outskirts of the 6000-year-old Mount Rahmat (also known as the Rahmatabad Tepe) near Persepolis in the Marvdasht region.Mount Rahmat is home to the tombs of many Achaemenid and Sassanid princes and commanders.The work presented here was conducted within the research program of the Iranian-French joint expedition in the Marvdasht Plain launched in 2005 with the support of the Iranian Centre of Archaeological Research, the Parsa Pasargadae Research Foundation and the French Foreign Office.

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