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    Please Contact Us if you feel any materials are inappropriate. On the Ethiopian coins the letter designation of figures is accepted, for example: 1895 on the Ethiopian system it is designated so: 1) ten, 2) eighteen); 3) hundred (the three first letters mean 1800); 4) ninety; 5} five. If you live near one of these landmarks, you can compare how it looked then and now.

    Sun dating phenomena

    From sailing stones to an eternally burning fire, we take a look at some of the most unusual phenomena that happen in these locations only.Sunspots are storms on the sun’s surface that are marked by intense magnetic activity and play host to solar flares and hot gassy ejections from the sun’s corona.George Noory, who hosts conspiracy theory-centered radio show “Coast to Coast AM” has founded a new otherworldly dating site called Paranormal Date.Much like other interest-specific dating sites like Farmers Only or J Date, Paranormal Date is for people interested in “the paranormal, science, life after death, ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFOs, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories.” In an announcement on his website, Noory explained how his lonely-heart listeners inspired the new site.Scientists believe that the number of spots on the sun cycles over time, reaching a peak—the so-called Solar Maximum—every 11 years or so.

    Flare production and strength are two such parameters.The apparent result down here on Earth is that the sun glows brighter by about 0.1 percent now than it did 100 years ago.Solar wind, according to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, consists of magnetized plasma flares and in some cases is linked to sunspots.Flares release prodigious amounts of energy across most of the electromagnetic spectrum and are thus observable by a number of techniques.Larger flares can emit as much as a thousandth the energy of the sun during the duration of that flare.It has only reached its midlife point, so our star should continue to light and heat Earth for another 5 billion years or so!By any measure, the Sun is the most impressive object in our solar system.Typically, flares last a few minutes to as much as four hours though most are from ten to twenty minutes in duration.More energetic flares tend to be of longer duration, especially when observed in shorter wavelengths. There are many other manifestations of solar activity also quantified that indicate well the level of activity. Solar Section Coordinator(1985-2004) Solar activity is not just gauged by the number of sunspots observed.The first table below gives the Julian calendar dates and Greenwich times of the astronomical vernal equinox for the years 25 BCE through 38 CE inclusive. The second table gives, for these years, the Julian calendar dates and Greenwich times of the Full Moons which occurred on or after the date of the equinox, and the dates and times of the astronomical New Moons on or preceding, and after, the date of the equinox. In fact, the Sun is an ordinary medium-sized, yellow-white star.

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