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    Vb net updating xml file

    In this article, we will explore 24 ‘How Do I’ kind of examples using LINQ to XML. If not, you can start off with LINQ by checking some tutorials over The application is a console application targeting .

    NET 3.5 framework, although you can use the latest . I have also used ‘query expressions’, instead of Lambda expression in these samples.

    We use these instances of these objects to create XML documents.

    NOTE: A link to the documentation of all the classes in the System. Linq namespace is given at the end of the tutorial.

    if you don't know how to this properties, you might want to check this tutorials provided by our codecall friends from beginner to advance by Vswe. ill send my project to both of themcheers mate yeah i can do that, could you give me your wmail address so i can send it to you then?

    Now that the form that we are going to use is all set, we are now going to proceed with xml definition and what you can do with it. or is it this : [email protected] or [email protected]??

    If you have been wondering how to persist changes to the XML, once it is modified, then here’s how to do so. That’s one of the benefits of LINQ to XML, that it makes life easier for developers by making it so easy to create and structure XML documents.

    Well with that, we conclude this long article of some 'How Do I' operations while using LINQ to XML.

    By using Linq query expression, you can easily read all elements of the xml file. = null select ele; foreach (var e in elements) The Linq expression to add a new element to the xml file is similary to reading from that file. Save("d:/data.xml"); Simetimes, you might want change or udate a element of xml file. Then assign new values to their attributes or sub-elements. We shall begin by creating that document from scratch using Functional Construction (see the //create xml document from scratch XDocument document = new XDocument( new XDeclaration("1.0", "utf-8", "yes"), new XComment("Jason's xml"), new XElement("People", new XElement("Person", new XAttribute("id", 1), new XElement("Name", "Joe"), new XElement("Age", 35), new XElement("Job", "Manager") ), new XElement("Person", new XAttribute("id", 2), new XElement("Name", "Jason"), new XElement("Age", 18), new XElement("Job", "Software Engineer") ), new XElement("Person", new XAttribute("id", 3), new XElement("Name", "Lisa"), new XElement("Age", 53), new XElement("Job", "Bakery Owner") ), new XElement("Person", new XAttribute("id", 4), new XElement("Name", "Mary"), new XElement("Age", 90), new XElement("Job", "Nurse") ) ) ); //save constructed document document.Save("People.xml"); Firstly, we instantiate a new XDocument object, of which represents the document as a whole. So, we simply instantiate a new XDeclaration object; passing in the relevant details of the declaration (version, encoding etc) to the constructor.- wikipedia You can use xml to store some data like application settings or database connection strings if you are making something like a generic database driven software where you can just edit the XML file to change the xml file. Exists("My XML.xml") = False Then 'declare our xmlwritersettings object Dim settings As New Xml Writer Settings() 'lets tell to our xmlwritersettings that it must use indention for our xml settings. Write Comment("XML Database.") ' Write the root element. Write Start Element("Data") ' Start our first person. Write Start Element("Person") ' The person nodes. Would you be able to assist me with generating code if the file already exists and you would like to overwrite the existing file?You can also use this XML to save state 'first let's check if there is a file My into our application folder 'if there wasn't a file something like that, then let's create a new one. Indent = True 'lets create the My document, the first parameter was the Path/filename of xml file ' the second parameter was our xml settings Dim Xml Wrt As Xml Writer = Xml Writer. Thanks for an assistance you may be able to provide on this subject.In the previous post, you learned how to create an xml file from a collection of Book objects with Linq. Save("d:/data.xml"); To delete an element from the xml file, you need to select the element based on your conditions. However, we don't guarantee all things of the web are accurate.Now, you will learn how to read, add, edit, and delete elements of the xml file that is stored in your computer. Then you will use the Remove method of the XElement class to delete that element. If you find any error, please report it then we will take actions to correct it as soon as possible.Create("My XML.xml", settings) With Xml Wrt ' Write the Xml declaration. Write End Element() ' Close the Xml Text Writer. Create("Day Sum.xml") It gives me a bunch of errors but this is the top one: Error 1 Overload resolution failed because no accessible ' Create' can be called with these arguments: Any help would be appreciated Cheers Hi there, When using this code i get an error on this line: Dim xmlwrt As Xml Writer = Xml Writer. I will be posting my second tutorial now and the topic that I'm going to cover in this tutorial are :- Writing XML files- Reading XML filesand I'm going to provide some screenshot for my tutorial to be friendly so that everyone will have no problem or less problem. Create("Day Sum.xml")It gives me a bunch of errors but this is the top one: Error 1 Overload resolution failed because no accessible ' Create' can be called with these arguments: Any help would be appreciated Cheers yeah i can do that, could you give me your wmail address so i can send it to you then?Feel free give me some suggestions or leave some comments regarding this tutorial here's the property for the label1Text = First Nameproperty for the label2Text = Last Nameproperty for textbox1Name = txt First Nameproperty for textbox2Name = txt Last Nameproperty for button1Name = btn View Text = View Mysterious Text! or is it this : [email protected] or [email protected]??So far, we have used only one attribute per element.Fortunately, you can create as many attributes as you judge necessary in an element.A lot of developers over the past few months have requested us for tutorials focusing on LINQTo XML.

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